Why Scouting?

Now is the Time, by Vincent Norlock

By the time a boy has reached the age of 10, he will have already spent about half of the time with you that he ever will.

By 18, 19 or 20, he will be off to college or starting his own life. Now is the time he needs you. It is now that you, his parent, are the most important and influential person in his life.

In fact, the Boy Scouts of America commissioned a study to ask kids this age a series of questions. One of them was, "If you needed help or advice, who would you ask?"  Results showed you to be the #1 response.

Those kids were followed, and asked the same questions again, when they were teenagers. If you recall how much you thought your parents knew when you were a teenager, you have probably already figured out that you lost the #1 slot. Friends filled that role and parents fell way down the list.

My work demands long hours; my son’s outside activities are only on the increase. My boy and I are members of Pack 398 because it gives us the one thing I cannot seem to manage to create for myself – the gift of scheduled time with my boy.

If you want to have an impact on your son's development, now is the time to invest, you cannot wait. Now you are the world to him, I encourage you to do as I have, and make the most of it. Scouting is a great family program that will help you instill the values in your son that will help him develop into a man of whom you can be proud.

Thanks for your involvement!



Chairman Pack 398

Richards School, Whitefish Bay, WI